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CSU Research and Service Foundation

CSU Research and Service Foundation

The mission of the Columbus State University Research and Service Foundation is to promote, encourage and aid the conduct of scientific, scholarly, creative and educational research and activities, and the dissemination of knowledge in furtherance of the mission of Columbus State University. Established in 2011, the Foundation provides a vehicle for assessing, protecting, and commercializing intellectual property created by CSU faculty, staff and students, and rewarding the creators per the University’s Intellectual Property Policy.

The Foundation serves as owner of intellectual property created by CSU personnel and has authority to solicit, negotiate and enter into contracts on behalf of and for the benefit of the University and the creator(s). In addition, from time to time the Foundation may make grants to CSU faculty, staff and students for further research from funds it retains.

The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, which is governed by an appointed and ex officio Board of Trustees, whose members serve as advocates for the University, its colleges, programs and units, and is managed by an executive director.


  • Dr. P. Thomas Hackett, Chair (Provost - Ex Officio)
  • Dr. J. Thomas Helton, Financial Vice Chair and Treasurer (VP Business and Finance – Ex Officio)
  • Spence Sealy, Secretary (VP University Advancement – Ex Officio)


  • Dr. Chris Markwood (President – Ex Officio)
  • Abraham George (Chief Information Officer – Ex Officio)
  • Dr. Kimberly Gill (Chair of CSU Intellectual Property Committee – Ex Officio)
  • Dr. Ellen Roberts (Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs – Ex Officio)
  • Dr. Patrick McHenry
  • Dr. Ellen Martin
  • Dr. Floyd Jackson
  • Mr. Troy Woods

Executive Director

  • Mr. David Mitchell